Crailsheim – Hesselberg

Stage   no. 29
Date Friday 23 June 2000
Distance stage     52,0 km
Distance acum. 1122,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike B (great): nice stage with a beautiful finish on top of the Hesselberg hill 

I arrive back in Cralsheim after six months by taking the red eye train. I have planned a three days hiking trip along the E8. I have a short night with not much sleep due to the annual summer festival in Crailsheim.

view on Crailsheim

view on Crailsheim

I started my walk at daybreak. The weatherforecast is very good, with lots of sunshine and nice summer temperatures. After one hour of walking I have wet feet due to the high grass in the meadows that the Trail is crossing. This causes me to have blisters later during the day. After a few hours I arrive at the small city of Dinkelsbühl. It is well know for its well kept ancient city centre. The E8 leads straight through the main street, along terraces, shops, fountains and other scenic locations.

colorfull Dinkelsbühl

colorfull Dinkelsbühl

At the end of the morning there are hills appearing on the horizon. During the next hours the Trail goes straight towards them, I come to realize that  the highest of these hills is the Hesselberg, and that the E8 leads directly to the top of it. At 4.00pm I realize I am very tired and I take a short nap in an easy meadow by the side of the countryside road. I have to build up some energy for the Hesselberg. The climb on this impressive hill in the early evening hours is not so tough as I was fearing. There are still people walking up and down the hill during the evening hours. The view from the top is spectacular, in all directions. The nearest villages are far in the valleys, and the evening is very peacefull.The Hesselberg is a very solitude hill overlooking the plains of Southern Germany in all directions.

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