Hausen am Bach – Crailsheim

Stage   no. 28
Date Sunday 5 December 1999
Distance stage      29,0 km
Distance acum. 1070,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): interesting stage 

During the night snow has been falling and covered the landscape under a white blanket. Fortunately, the weather brightens up during the morning hours, which gives nice winter images.

I was hoping to meet any food retailer on the Trail, eventhough it is Sunday morning, but it is not my lucky day. During today’s hike I get more and more hungry as I do not have enough to eat with me. I really must become better in planning this kind of trips. After a beautiful but boring wintersday I come to walk along the river Altmühl, just before arriving in the city of Crailsheim. The Trail follows this river during the next couple of stages, until it ends up in the river Donau.

In Crailsheim I bump into the (inevitable) X-mas market, where I eat a half-a-meter-sausage sandwich. It is cold and chilly and I am happy to be able to start my travel back to my car. I take the train back to Weikersheim, from where I drive the entire way back home. It is already a long way. The last stage in this millenium is now done. In the next millenium I want to cross borders and discover what’s behind the horizon.

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