Queckbronn – Hausen am Bach

Stage   no. 27
Date Saturday 4 December 1999
Distance stage      41,0 km
Distance acum. 1041,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): boring stage until, and after, the crossing of unique Rothenburg 

I continue my E8 adventures by doing a two-day hiking trip, in the early winter season. On a Fridaynight I drive to Weikersheim where I park my car. Early in the morning I walk from Weikersheim to Quekbronn (the same road as I did last summer) and I continue where I left the Trail the last time. During that ocaission it was approx. 30º warmer than it is today.

Today is a grey day, and it is not fun to be outdoors. The temperature is around freezing point, there’s a little wind in the fields, and sometimes it starts to snow a little bit. But, unexpectedly, the town of Rothenburg ob den Tauber (after 28 kilometers)  makes it all worthwhile: the ancient centre of the city is very well preserved. Of course, the city is in X-mas atmospheres. Too bad for the wet snow that is falling. There are many people in the streets, visiting the traditional X-mas market, doing some shopping. Strengthened by these delightful 2 kilometers I continue my way along the Trail. I am able to make it to the village of Hausen am Bach, where I arrive shortly after sunset.

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