Clogheen – Clonmel

88 Clogheen - Clonmel

 Stage no. 88
Date Friday 1 September 2017
Distance stage        36,0 km
Distance acum. 3.245,0 km
Quality of signs good
Quality of the hike B (interesting): hills and views and paved roads

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At 06.30 the taxi picks me up at my B&B in Clonmel and drives me back to Clogheen. The lady taxidriver is fun to chat with, and I answer her question (which I get asked every trip in Ireland at least once): “what’s it like to live in a country that is attached to another country?”. When she drops me off at the bus stop in Clogheen she reminds of the weather warning that has been issued for the south of Ireland for later today: storm, thunder and rain at the end of the afternoon.

I start at 07.05, carrying only a small backpack as I have left the majority of my luggage in the B&B in Clonmel. During the morning the weather is great, and lovely for hiking.

In the first kilometers the Trail follows the river valley, later on some hill slopes have to be crossed. After noon the sky gets clouded and the wind is increasing. About ten kilometers before Clonmel, after crossing the river Suir, I cross a regional road that leads northbound to Clonmel. It would be an easy option to follow this road (with a little bit more distance) to Clonmel instead of crossing the final hills to Clonmel.

I continue the Trail uphill, not stopping or slowing down, and being chased by the threat of the upcoming storm. By the time I arrive in the outskirts of Clonmel the first drops start falling. Ten minutes later I arrive in my B&B, just before the storm & rain start with exactly what was forecasted.

This was my last day on this trip, next time I will reach the halfway point on the Irish section of the E8, the city of Carrick-on-Suir.

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