Mullinavat – Craiguenamanagh

90 Mullinavat - Graiguenamanagh

 Stage no. 90
Date Monday 27 August 2018
Distance stage       48,5 km
Distance acum. 3.343,5 km
Quality of signs good
Quality of the hike C (interesting): paved roads and some nice scenery

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Again a hiking day without a proper breakfast. I leave the B&B at 4.55 and I start the E8, where I left it yesterday, at 4.59. My feet are really hurting and I get back in a, somehow, modest pace only after a while. The direction of the Trail is more or less straightforward northeast bound. I prevent standing still as it causes much pain to get moving again. Around lunchtime I arrive in the village of Inistoge, after passing the “wall of shoes”.

90 - IMG_2384

The village has a lovely square, with a small grocery shop (lunch!) and  some benches that provide a great place for a little rest. The weather is delightful, and after lunch I have huge difficulty in getting to move again. Leaving Inistoge the Trail leads up the hill in wide curves. There are very few people out in the hills and in the forest. The final kilometers of today are getting more and more of an ordeal due to the pain in my feet. During the day I have tried to find a B&B in the village of Graiguenamanagh but I was not successful. After a long downhill section I arrive in the tiny village along the river Barrow and I ask here and there for a B&B. I find one on the side of the river, close to the city center.

I have dinner in the local snackbar (pizza with dipsauce) and I decide to take a day off tomorrow to give my feet a break.

90 - IMG-20180827-WA0003

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