Fermoy – Clogheen

87 Fermoy - Clogheen

 Stage no. 87
Date Friday 1 September 2017
Distance stage        41,0 km
Distance acum. 3.209,0 km
Quality of signs good
Quality of the hike A (excellent!): hills and phantastic views; Irish countryside at its best!



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I get up at 04.00 and pack all my belongings together. I leave the B&B at 04.47, without breakfast (I got a reduction of € 5 on the rate).

The trail leads northbound. In the early morning hours I enjoy the views at the crack of dawn.

87 - IMG_5390

The crossing of the M8 motorway is not pleasant; there is no space for pedestrians to maneuver between the (exit) road of the highway and the barrier on the side of the road. Thanks to the low amount of traffic at this hour of the day it is not complicated to move on, but I am surprised to find such a section in the Trail. This is compensated by the spectacular kilometers that I cover later on; a lot of unpaved paths with great views to the south.

The weather is fantastic with clear blue skies, mild temperatures around 20 degrees, no winds also not higher up in the hills. The heather is blossoming, and the slopes have a strong scent of the colorful flowers. It is great to be outdoors!

I arrive at 15.15 in the village of Clogheen, my finish for today. Earlier this morning I have arranged a B&B in Clonmel. Although Clonmel is my finish for tomorrow, there was no location available on the internet closer to Clogheen. This is an exception for me; I always travel back backwards and Clonmel is on the Trail ahead of me. It is the third time in my 3000+ kilometers on the E8 that I have to decide to travel forward. Let’s not make a habit out of it.

In Clogheen I have to wait a while for the next bus to Clonmel, and I have a chat with the grocery lady in the local shop. We talk about the exodus of (young) people from villages in the south of Ireland. Many of the former classmates of her children have moved to Cork, Dublin or the USA. In the past there used to be thirteen pubs in Clogheen, and nowadays there is only one left. Before the bus arrives I have the opportunity to get a pizza in the local snackbar, and I am introduced to the cup of dipsauce to make the dry crust at the end of each slice more tasty. It’s the perfect end of this great day.

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