Hesselberg – Pappenheim

Stage   no. 30
Date Saturday 24 June 2000
Distance stage     43,0 km
Distance acum. 1165,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): interesting stage, but not special 

After a good night rest I wake up early in the morning to start my second day of this three-day trip.

I start by walking down the Hesselberg, down to the village of Wassertrüdingen.

top of the Hesselberg Hill

top of the Hesselberg Hill

Later on I pass some other villages in the scenic landscape of the Frankenland.



The blisters on my feet of yesterdays’ walk cause me a lot of trouble and pain and it takes about one hour walking before I can put my feet straight down.

The trail follows the river Altmühl. There are a lot of kanoo stops along the river Altmühl, and some nice views. I walk to Pappenheim (Western European saying: “Who doesn’t know them, the Pappenheimers?”). Walking along a river is easy (you will not easily make a mistake!) but it is also some kind of boring. Just before sunset I arrive at the campingsite in the village of Pappenheim.

I only have a bivouac sack with me, and I turn out the be the guy with the least luggage on the camping. The hot shower and the care for my feet are a blessing. During the night it rains.

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