Pappenheim – Eichstätt

Stage   no. 31
Date Sunday 25 June 2000
Distance stage     27,0 km
Distance acum. 1192,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike A (fantastic!): nice, impressive  and lots of variation 

After another good night rest I continue my limping. Today is my third and last day of this trip, and eventhough I am still excited about continuing I am looking forward to go back home tonight.

After breaking up at the camping site along the river I cross Pappenheim and leave the city.

now I can truly say: I know the Pappenheimers

now I can truly say: I know the Pappenheimers

Today it takes even up to two hours of limping/walking before I can put my feet straight on the ground. The weather is fantastic summertime weather and there are a lot of kano-ers, hikers and cyclers on their way. Walking along the river Altmühl I arrive at 3.00 pm at the village Hoch-Eichstatt. The trail leads up the hill, prettu steep, but not for too long, and it is rewarded with a nice view overlooking the valley.

high over the Altmühl valley

high over the Altmühl valley

On the other side of the hill the Trail goes down the hill, to the city of Eichstätt. It looks, from the top off a hill very nice and impressive, but the pain in my feet makes it impossible for me to pay a lot of attention to it. I had hoped to be able to walk further than just Eichstätt today but my speed is very slow (approx. 3 km per hour!) and I am not enjoying it.

In the evening I watch a football game of our national team against Jugoslavia (the legendary quarterfinal of the Euro 2000 chanpionships, Netherlands wins with 6-0 the biggest score ever achieved after the first round on a European Championship). Later in the evening I take the train from Eichstätt to Crailsheim and drive back by car to the Netherlands.

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