Wisloczek – Komancza

76 Wisloczek - Komancza

Stage no. 76
Date Wednesday 23 April 2014
Distance stage      33,0 km
Distance acum. 2821,5 km
Quality of signs very good
Quality of the hike C (good): hills, fields


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When I leave the cabin in the morning it starts to drizzle.

I leave the village by following the main road. Near the curve at the creek I join the E8 signs again and I continue my way to Pulawy Gorne. The road is comfortable and it’s easy to maintain a good pace. It is springtime and flowers and trees are blossoming.

20140423 P1010674 wisloczek

After I have passed the second skilift in the village the signs lead to the right, up the hill to the south. After entering the forrest the hike gets boring; the path goes straight for some kilometers, there is hardly any view due to all the trees on the left and right. The signs along the path are very well placed and also very well maintained. Before arriving on the hill Bukowica the path passes a simple bivouac cabin.

Shelter for the storm

Shelter for the storm

Shortly afterwards the path joins the yellow signs of a local trail and then turns right to the top of the hill, to the antenna tower. The weather is dry, and the visibility is improving but still not great. After descending the hill on the other side the signs lead to the right in a forrest road, again up the hill in to a forrest. In this section the path is not easy: there are several passages where yellow clay make the soil very soft and difficlut to move. After leaving the forrest in the open field the view improves with every step uphill. There are thunderclouds in the southeast ahead of me, but with the wind in my back I feel comfortable that they will not reach me. In the final forrest section of today there are again some parts with yellow clay, but these are not as complex as a few hours ago. After passing the first houses of the village Komancza the path crosses the railroad under a tunnel and goes to the right into the brandnew main road towards the centre of the village. There is a grocery shop on the lefthand side. Where the church is on the lefthand side and the railway station on the righthand side the signs go left, into the village.

I spent the night in an inn that is situated two hundred meters further along the main road. I had to clean my boots after todays clay sections.

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