Komancza – Cisna

77 Komancza - Cisna

Stage no. 77
Date Thursday 24 April 2014
Distance stage     34,0 km
Distance acum. 2855,5 km
Quality of signs very good
Quality of the hike B (very good): hills, fields


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After a huge breakfast I start at 06.45 with my stage to Cisna. The weather forecast was not good (rain showers) but the sky is only partly clouded.

The path leaves the road to the village of Duszatyn for a shortcut. Unfortunately there is a lot of yellow clay in this section, which makes me pessimistic for the rest of today’s stage. Just before the village of Preluki the path joins the road again, and follows it to Duszatyn, which appears to contain some 5 houses only. The signs go east, into a narrow valley along the creek. The forrest road is comfortable for some kilometers, and then continues as a hiking path. Some bad sections with mud and clay are covered with boards, which make a safe and clean passage possible. The path circles around the first lake without problems.

Passing the first lake

Passing the first lake

A few minutes later it also goes around  the second lake. Here there are a few creeks that need to be crossed: steep steps to go down to the creek, cross the creek on stones or branches and climb up a few steep steps again. Consequently the path goes up the hill to the peak of the Chryszczata. It is well to do, with only one really steep section at 2/3 of the climb. I take a break at the top, where a picknick bench is situated next to some monument. From here the path goes south (easy) between trees (boring). The pass Zebrak is reached easily, without any descent. Consequently the hill Jaworne needs to be climbed. The ascent is filled with short sections of descending, which makes it quite anoying. South of the top of the Jaworne, before the black signs go left, there is an open spot in the trees on the lefthand side and I can enjoy the view to the northeast for the first time. While being there I see a hurdle of buffaloos, only 100 meters lower on the hill,  grazing peacefully.

Wild buffaloos

Wild buffaloos

After enjoying the sight for a few minutes I continue my way. During the rest of the path to the hill Osina I am busy with going through short sections of ascending and descending. From the Osina onwards the general focus is on descending. The path enters Cisna near a small grocery shop.

My First choice for B&B happens to be situated next door to the grocery shop, so it is the ideal place to stay. There is a big kitchen that I can use to prepare my dinner, and wash my clothes.

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