Cisna – Smerek

78 Cisna - Smerek

Stage no. 78
Date Friday 25 April 2014
Distance stage     19,5 km
Distance acum. 2875,0 km
Quality of signs very good
Quality of the hike B (very good): hills, fields

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I left the pension at 06.45 and cross Cisna, which appears to be bigger than I expected, with even some campings and restaurants.

The signs lead across the railway bridge and up the hill through the forrest. There are some incidental sections with yellow mud. The climb up to the top of the Rozki hill is well to do. From here the path follows the ridge, in the beginning between trees and from the top of Worowosoka hill through open terrain.

Nice views above the treeline

Nice views above the treeline

The ridge is not difficult to follow and the ascents and descents are mild for the legs and the feet. The signs are, again, very well situated, although some could use a bit of paint to stand out more. On the top of the hill Okraglik the border with Slovakia is reached. There are many Polish and Slovakian hiking signs, and of course the inevitable landmark.

Final visit to Slovakia

Final visit to Slovakia

I take a short break and enjoy the view to Slovakia. The E8 signs follow the border for a few minutes, together with the white-red-white signs of a Slovakian local trail. After a few minutes the E8 goes left, into Poland again, and the Slovakian signs go straight alaong the border. On the next big hill, the Fereczata, I enjoy the view to the south for the last time (the view to the north is blocked by trees and bushes). The descent is comfortable. After crossing a forrest road the path continues downhill by using another forrest road. In this section there are some big passages with yellow mud, which prevent any easy passing. The path continues through fields and soon the first houses of Smerek are in sight. There I loose the signs but continue downhill to the main road, and here I go left to the village of Smerek.

Along the main road there is a small grocery shop and next to it is an inn, where I stay for the night. It’s an ideal combination for any hiker: cheap place to stay with a large variety of yoghurts, sweets and snacks next door. During the afternoon the rain, that was forecasted for three days now, has finally arrived. It gets dry at 20.00.

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