Wertheim – Beckstein

Stage   no. 25
Date Thursday 28 July 1999
Distance stage   38,0 km
Distance acum. 970,5 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike B (great): nice & lovely Taubertal Valley

Today I walk my sixth day of my seven-day-hiking-trip. I leave the camp site in Wörth am Main in the early morning. I am carrying all my luggage on my back for the first time in three days and I take the train to Wertheim. Since I feel I will loose a lot of time and energy if I have to carry my enormous backpack all day I decide to take the bus to the village of Tauberbischofsheim which I am supposed to cross later today. I want to leave my luggage there and pick it later today, during the hike. Unfortunately, I can not find any possibility in Tauberbischofsheim to ditch my backpack, so I take the bus back to Wertheim again, still carrying all my belongings.

Around noon I start my walk along the river Tauber, upstream. A big part of todays stage uses a very nice cycling path, which is used a lot by tourists and locals. The Taubertal valley is not wide or deep, but it is quiet and full of variation. Of course everywhere you go where the sun shines it is lovely, but this area is really “Liebliches”. Passing tiny little villages like Bronnbach and others I arrive at the end of the afternoon in Tauberbischofsheim, this time by foot. I decide to treat myself very well and have a dinner at the local chinese restaurant. With a full stomach I continue my walk in the delightful summer evening up to the small village of Beckstein.

I have all my stuff with me so for the first time in four days I don’t have to travel anymore at the end of the day. Tomorrow is my last hiking day of this week’s tour. I am glad it will be over; the summer weather is really wearing me out, with not enough liquid during the day to hydrate, blisters on my feet and pain in my back and in my shoulders. It is still very worthwhile to cross this part of Germany, though. I never imagined Germany would be like this. We, Dutch people, cross Germany almost everytime we go on vacation to the south, and I strikes me that there is so much beauty and variety in the landscape and the scenery.

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