Miltenberg – Wertheim

Stage   no. 24
Date Wednesday 27 July 1999
Distance stage    41,5 km
Distance acum. 932,5 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike B (great): nice stage with lots of variety

Today I walk the fifth day of my seven-day-hiking-tour. I take the train to Miltenberg. I am travelling light again, without backpack. In Miltenberg I walk up the hill again, back to the monastary. 

Using a very nice path that stays more or less at the same altitude above the river Main I walk eastbound. The weather is again very hot, and although I walk a big part of the stage in the shade the heat and the dehydration (for some days now)  is getting to me more and more. Around noon I have an “I must be dreaming” experience: the Trail leaves some woods and all of a sudden I find myself on a parking lot of a huge Penny-supermarket. After a heavy lunch (with yoghurt and other liquid and cold stuff) I continue my hike. I am very releaved that my foot problems seem to be stabilizing today. Also my legs are not some much hurting as they did yesterday. At the end of the afternoon I arrive in the village of Kreuzwertheim and consequently I cross the bridge to the typical city of Wertheim. It is a very pretty city, located at junction of the river Main and the river Tauber. The weather is, again, beautiful, as it is already for the whole week. The area is very nice and along the Trail it is comfortably crowded with people on bicycles and on foot.

I go back by train to the camping site in Wörth, feeling very positive about today’s stage and my performance. I did not expect yesterday that I would be able to do another 40+ kilometer stage this week. This is very promising, as I have still two more days ahead of me this week.

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