Obernburg am Main – Miltenberg

Stage   no. 23
Date Tuesday 26 July 1999
Distance stage   22,5 km
Distance acum. 891,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): disappointingly few nice views

Today I walk my fourth day of my seven-day-hiking-trip. Due to the tough stage yesterday I have a very slow start this morning. My whole body hurts and I have blisters under both my feet. First I do some shopping in the local supermarket. After that I walk/limp to the railway station in Wörth am Main and I take the train (without luggage) back to the city of Obernburg. I have planned beforehand to leave the luggage for one or two days on the camping site in order to be able to increase my hiking pace. I realize that I have miscalculated the travel time that I will have in the mornings and in the evenings in order to take any advantage of it. I also have way too much stuff in my backpack to be able to hike along without any problem.

In Obernburg I cross the river Main and continue using the eastside of the Main valley.

crossing the river Main at Obernburg

crossing the river Main at Obernburg

The Trail uses the Main-Donau hiking trail, that is situated on a comfortable stable altitude of approx. 100 meters above the river level. Unfortunately, a lot of trees block the view that otherwise would have been magnificant. There’s hardly anyone on the paths in the woods today. It is again very warm, it is the middle of the summer vacation period so many local people are probabely enjoying the sun on the coast in Spain or Italy. I have many problems to keep up a reasonable pace this afternoon, due to the many blisters that I have under my feet and the pain that I have in the muscles in my legs. Finally, I arrive at the finish of today, the monastary of Engelberg, high overlooking the city of Miltenberg and the river Main. 

View from the Engelberg monestary to the north

View from the Engelberg monestary to the north

There is a real Long Distance Trail sign near the monestary, that indicates the trails that pass this panoramic hill top.

trail sign for hikers at the Engelberg monestary

trail sign for hikers at the Engelberg monestary

I walk down the hill towards Miltenberg where I arrive in the beginning of the evening.

I take the train back to Wörth, back to the camping site, where I have some dinner, take care of my feet and try to get some sleep. I have again a tough day ahead of me.

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