Lindenfels – Obernburg am Main

Stage   no. 22
Date Monday 25 July 1999
Distance stage    45,5 km
Distance acum. 868,5 km
Quality of signs Average
Quality of the hike C (good): a couple of nice views, but also a lot of woods

Today I walk my third day of my seven-day-hiking-tour. The blisters that I got yesterday are not comfortable when I prepare for today’s excercise. 

At 05.00 am I leave the camping site in Schlierbach and walk back up the hill to Lindenfels. In the peace and quite at the break of dawn in the early morning I get deeper and deeper in the forrests and hills of the Odenwald. There is hardly any hundred meter of hiking trail that can be called flat, but the hills are gently steep, and not too high, so altogether it should be nice to walk them up and down all day, if it wasn’t for the blisters. On my way eastbound I pass the hill Lärmfeuer (Noisefire) where I allow myself to have a break.

having a break at the Lärmfeuer Hill

having a break at the Lärmfeuer Hill

My pace is not high and I have hardly any time to lose, as this is supposed to be one of my longest stages this week. After the Lärmfeuer hill I pass the village Obermossau, and its brewery. The signs in this section of the E8 are changing every now and then, but it is clear (also with the description in the guide book), and in the village that you pass you find E8-labels along with the signs that confirm that you are on the right track.

After being some 20 kilometers on the trail this morning I get some distraction as some small aircrafts are descending at eyelevel to a local airport. Shortly after that I approach the city of Michelstadt. The city centre of Michelstadt is very well kept over the past few centuries and it is listed on the Unesco-list. I take a short break at the fountain in front of the ancient town hall.

central square in Michelstadt

central square in Michelstadt

After I have left the city, the trail signs are hard to be found. Just as during the previous days it is very warm today, and around noon there is hardly anybody out on the street anymore, except for a fool with a huge backpack on his way to Vienna. During lunch (I prepare myself a pasta) I have to admit to myself that my feet are hurting too much to be able to make it today to the finish that I have planned if I go on like this. I have no other option than to change my hiking boots with my sneakers. After I continue again, I feel a tremendous releave in my feet and without any (foot) problems I manage to make it to the end of the day. Just before the finish (the river Main) I take a wrong sideway and go in a totally wrong direction, which causes me to walk some 5 kilometers extra to get back to the river again. My finish for today is at the bridge over the river Main in Obernburg.

The camping site where I had planned to stay for the night turns out to be closed for 10 years already. After a succesfull hitchhike I arrive at the camping site in the village of Wörth am Main. In the evening hours I chat a little with other travellers (most of them are bicyclers, who follow the river Main up- or downstream). My neighbours turn out to be a German family with three children (5,3 and 1 years old) who are bicycling their vacation away! I feel deep respect for them, I thought I had it rough!

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