Biblis – Lindenfels

Stage   no. 21
Date Sunday 24 July 1999
Distance stage   43,0 km
Distance acum. 823,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike A (fantastic!): a very beautiful stage due to the huge variation in scenery

Today I have the second day of my seven-day hiking tour. I am very lucky with the weather, there are no clouds and it is approx. 25°. Together with all my lugage (17 kg) I take the train back to Biblis.

From there the Trail first continous through the Rhein valley (70 meters altitude) to the village of Auerbach. While I walk through the coloured and florishing fields (quiet and open) the first hill of the Odenwald forrest starts appearing in the far distance. It is the Melibocus (514 m altitude), which I will have to climb from the village of Auerbach.

on the way to the Melibocus Hill

on the way to the Melibocus Hill

After a short break (from noon to 12.15pm) in Auerbach I ascend the very steep path upwards. It is very hot, my backpack is very heavy and I start to get blisters under my feet. Once on top of the hill the view is a little disappointing (a lot of trees block most of the view). The Trail continous from here up and down through the Odenwald Forrest. Altogether I will ascend today some 1100 meters and descend 800 meters, which would be a very good day in the Alps. I arrive in Lindenfels at the beginning of the evening and without a problem I find the local campingsite. Unfortunately it is 2km down the hill, in the village Schlierbach.

terrace camping site below Lindenfels

terrace camping site below Lindenfels

My feet are hurting badly and the care that I am able to provide once I have put up my tent is a blessing. On the meadow directly next to the camping there is a big fancy fair tonight, including a big Beer & Sausage tent and a tractor pulling race. I have a look and there is a very nice, relaxed atmosphere. I am tired enough to be able to sleep through the noise of the races. Tomorrow will be another tough day for me.

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