Bolanden – Biblis

Stage   no. 20
Date Saturday 23 July 1999
Distance stage    43,5 km
Distance acum. 780,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): interesting stage, but not a special one

For the first time I will be hiking along the E8 for one straight week. I arrived last night by trian in the city of Worms and walked to the local camping site. After some problems to put up my tent in the dark (one of the two sticks broke) I have managed to sleep reasonably well for a few hours. The alarm wakes me up early. I walk back to the railway station and by train and bus I go to my starting point of today. As I will be staying in Worms tonight as well I will not be carrying my heavy backpack today (=wonderfull!).

The Trail starts very nice, with some ascending and descending and some nice views in the valley of the river Pfrimm. After passing an ancient tower on top of a hill the rail goes down to the village of Albisheim.

Albisheim an der Pfrimm

Albisheim an der Pfrimm

A few kilometers along the valley, after the village of Monsheim, the path becomes boring as it goes only straight out for a long time. For the last time during my E8 I cross the highway A61 (Venlo-Ludwigshafen), and consequently, 32 kilometers after my start this morning, I finally cross the river Rhein near Worms. I use the famous Nibbelungenbridge, near the city centre, the same bridge I crossed last night on my way to the camping site. 

Nibbelungen Bridge in Worms

Nibbelungen Bridge in Worms

Directly next to the river on the camping site I have my tent, or the remainders of it that are stuck together with plasters, I have a short break. After changing clothes and shoes I jogg through the Rhein-valley to the village of Biblis for 10 kilometers. The jog is easy, the road and path is flat and easy to follow.

After arriving in Biblis I take the train back to Worms and walk back to the camping site, again. I try to recuperate in order to prepare for the tough day that lies ahead of me.

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