Rheinbach – Remagen

Stage   no. 14
Date Sunday 1 February 1998
Distance stage   42,0 km
Distance acum. 526,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike A (fantastic!): lots of variety and spectacular views; really a top-stage! 

I drive to Rheinbach where I park my car.

My E8-experiences will go to a new frontier; I will be coming to walk along the river Rhein for many kilometers from today onwards. Today is a delightful wintersday, with lots of sun and temperatures around freezing point. The first part of the stage (approx. 20 kilometers) takes me through woods and crossing fields. Unexpectedly, the woods stop and I find myself at a remarkable spot overlooking the city of Bonn (in those days the capital city of Germany), situated in the Rhein valley. The Trail continous with a crossing of the residential area, but even this is not boring. The part of town that I cross (Bad Godesberg) is typical for its huge ancient villas which all have different architecture. After crossing the park I start to walk along the river Rhein. After some kilometers the path climbs up the hill and continues at approx. 150 meters altitude on the west bank of the Rhein Valley. Of course, there are magnificant views from here, overlooking the Rhein, the other side of the valley, and ahead of me to what the future has in mind for me. 

After arriving in the city of Remagen (near the bridge, famous for its part in the war) I take the train back to Bonn and to Rheinbach.

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