Gemünd – Rheinbach

Stage   no. 13
Date Sunday 26 October 1997
Distance stage    44,5 km
Distance acum. 484,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike B (great): variety in forrests and nice views

After I have left home very early and drove to the village of Kall I park my car in Kall near the railway station. I take the bus back to Gemünd to pick up the Trail where I had to leave it the previous time. The ankle is cured very well over the past six months. I had to cancel a part of my summer vacation because of it (I was supposed to supervise a mountaneering course in the Alps). I am up and running now, and eager to move on.

It becomes a nice autumn day in the beautifully coloured Eifel hills. The first 6 kilometers take me back to Kall, and afterwards I continue to the pitoresque village of Bad Münstereifel (18 kilometers from the start). It turns out to be a nice, typical old city with a car-free citycentre and nice typically German-style houses. In Bad Münstereifel it is still quite on the terrasses and in the bakery shops. That will change during the course of the Sunday for sure! After this nice part of the stage the Trail continous for another 20 kilometers through the countryside of the Eifel hills. Just before arriving in the village of Rheinbach (which are at the foot of the hills, in the low lands) there is a tower in the forrest, from where I have a great panoramic view. The Eifel in autumn colours and with low sunshine is magnificent. Some kilometers further down the hill I arrive in Rheinbach, my finish for today.

I take the train back to Kall and drive home. Hiking can be very satisfying.

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