Mulartshütte – Gemünd

Stage   no. 12
Date Saturday 31 May 1997
Distance stage   40,0 km
Distance acum. 439,5 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike A (fantastic!): many great sections all stage long

I park my car in the same shabby street in downtown Aachen, behind the central railway station, as I did in my last stage. I take the bus to my starting point in the small village of Mulartshütte.

It is a beautiful day in the Eifel hills. I get to walk all day up and down hill, through woods and along fields, crossing pitoresque villages and passing lakes. On a day like this there are a lot of people outdoors, but I do not recognize any fellow-hiker. There’s lots of touristic activity going on near the Rur-Stausee lake, where many people enjoy the waterside in boats and waterbikes. After I have passed the 36km mark (just before arriving in the village of Gemünd) I sprain my ankle. I did not see a loose rock on/in the road, and I hear a clear krrrrr-sound when I put my foot on the ground. After limping the inevitable 4 kilometers to the nearest civilized area I arrive in Gemünd at the railway station/busstop.

It turns out that there are no more busses today (Sunday schedule . . . .) and I take a taxi to the village of Kall, which is further down the E8. I had in mind for today to walk all the way up to Kall (another 6km), but I will have to leave that part to the next stage. In Kall I take the train back to Aachen. A beautiful day has come to an end. Too bad for the ankle.

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