Nederhorst den Berg – Lage Vuursche

Stage   no. 2
Date Saturday 19 February 1994
Distance stage 29,0 km
Distance acum. 55,5 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike A (fantastic!): nice changes in scenery, crossing typical Dutch landscapes

Just like during the first stage, today is another gloomy wintersday. First I take trains and busses to go back to café The Beercabin.

I continue the Trail along the river Vecht for a short while. The Trail leaves the river and heads towards the lakes in the south, the Lakes of Ankeveen.

At the start of the crossing of the Ankeveen Lakes

At the start of the crossing of the Ankeveen Lakes

The Trail leads straight between the lakes, using a narrow dike for a few kilometers. It is very quiet and, thanks to the quiet atmosphere, very impressive.

Dammerweg between the Ankeveen Lakes

Dammerweg between the Ankeveen Lakes

After passing the tiny village of Ankeveen I continue my way heading for the Spanderswoud forrest and the city of Hilversum. In a big circle (north and east) the Trail surrounds Hilversum. I pass some haybushes that look familiar to me from the time I was soldier and serving my duty in this area, and so do the barraks of camp Crailo that is along the Trail. Close to the village of Baarn I pass the castle Groeneveld, where a lot of tourists are stroling around. Some minutes later, at the Hilversumse Hay, I am all by myself again. The weather is starting to brighten up, and with a chilly sun I arrive at my finish of today, the typical village of Lage Vuursche.

Pancake Paradise in Lage Vuursche

Pancake Paradise in Lage Vuursche

It is impossible to leave the village without eating a pancake in one of the many pancakerestaurants, so afterwards I take the bus and train back home again.

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