Lage Vuursche – Doorn

Stage   no. 3
Date Saturday 26 March 1994
Distance stage 28,5 km
Distance acum. 84,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): average stage, crossing a lot of forrests

Using trains and busses I arrive at my starting point in the village of Lage Vuursche. Today is a nice and sunny day.

The Trail leads me through forrests and between trees, southeast bound. Due to all these trees I get a little bit of “indoor” feeling. After crossing the railtracks near the village of Soest I enter another remarkable landscape of the Netherlands: the Dunes of Soest.

White sands of the Soest'er Dunes

White sands of the Soest’er Dunes

The white sand is hard to cross as it is very weak. Fortunately the Trail uses comfortable cycling roads and hiking paths to cross this section.

trail sign

trail sign

I pass the village of Soesterberg with its American army barraks, and shortly afterwards the Trail leads close by the pyramid monument of Austerlitz (approx. 10 minutes from the Trail). After passing the village of Maarn, the area gets even less flat. In this part of the stage I meet with some other Long-Distance-Hikers, but they are not the friendly type. One can recognize them by the guide in their hand, the focussed look in their eyes and the stressed expression. After passing the A12-highway near the village of Maarn I start the final section of today: the forrest towards the village of Doorn. The highest point of this forrest is the Sint Helena Hill. It sounds impressive but, to reassure other hikers, it is only 40 meters above sealevel (remember: we are still in the Netherlands!). The view from the hill is nice, and the descent towards Doorn is easy and quick.

View from St. Helena hill

View from St. Helena hill

After arriving in the city of Doorn, I take the bus back home again.

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