Stallwang – Gotteszell

Stage   no. 35
Date Monday 18 November 2002
Distance stage      50,0 km
Distance acum. 1404,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike B (great): nice, tough and some great views

Again, I travel to the south of Germany for just one day of pleasure. The descriptions of Gert Trego sound very promissing for today’s stage, but also a lot of tough kilometers are waiting for me. I take the night train to Straubing and the bus to Stallwang.

At 6.45am I start in Stallwang at the same busstop where I left the previous time. After the twilight has faded the grey skies are left behind, with some blue spots here and there. The first 8 kilometers to the village of Konzell are nice and full of variation. After this part the first climb of today needs to be done: the Kreuzjoch hill (approx. 900 m altitude). Gert Trego is almost lyrical when he describes the view from the top of the hill, and even on a gloomy day like I have today I must admit that he is very right about it; the view to the north (Bavarian Forrest and Czech Republic) is impressive. After a long descent (down to 300 meters altitude) the next climb starts: the Hirschenstein hill (1095 meters altitude). I manage to keep my steady pace without too much problems (the advantage of one-day-hikes is that you hardly have any luggage with you) and I enjoy the view from the top of the hill, from the tower that’s up there. On the panoramic map that is installed on the tower the mountains are identified that can be seen from this location (on a day with good visability of course). The furthest mountain appears to be one that I know well: the Gossvenediger in Austria (230 kilometers to the southeast). The view overlooking the lower Donauvalley is very worthwhile as well. After a short and steep descend the third climb of today starts: the Vogelsang hill (approx. 1000 meters altitude). The trail does not go all the way to the top as there is no view anyway due to the trees. Altogether I have climbed today some 2200 meters and descended 2000 meters. Even on a tough day in the Alps this is hard to cover! After the final descend I arrive in the village of Gotteszell. The railway station is situated next to the trail and just as I arrive at 5.00pm, it starts to rain for the first time today.

The nighttrain takes me home again.

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