Sinzing – Stallwang

Stage   no. 34
Date Sunday 14 April 2002
Distance stage      55,5 km
Distance acum. 1354,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): disappointingly few nice veiws

After 13 months of standstill I pick up the Trail where I left it. Due to circumstances I travel to the south of Germany for just one hiking day. During the next 200 kilometers the means of (public) transportation are very minimal. The path hardly passes railway stations or even bus stops, so the length of the stages is pretty much determined.

On this gloomy springtime day I do another one of my huge stages. First I walk from the village of Sinzing to the city of Regensburg, crossing the river Donau. The official Trail stops at the outskirts on the westside of Regensburg and it continous at the eastside of the city. According to Gert Trego’s descriptions the missing part can be covered by busses. I choose to walk the entire way (which I also did in the city of Koblenz), which causes me to do an extra 11 kilometers. The missing part includes suburbs, city centre and a huge industrial area on the eastside of the city. After passing the village of Donaustauf I have to cross a huge forrest park (“there are no signs in the park”, Trego says). Indeed, there are no signs at all, which causes me to walk another extra 7,5 kilometers. After this “excitement” the path continous up and down the smooth hills of the Lower Bavarian Forrest, further eastbound. The area looks lovely, just like in a miniature railroad landscape, even without the sun and without fresh awaking nature like today. Finally, after having walked 76 kilometers, I arrive in the village of Stallwang. I am releaved to see that the timetable that I had checked on the internet is the same as in reality.

I am exhausted, but very satisfied.

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