Gotteszell – Zenting

Stage   no. 36
Date Saturday 30 November 2002
Distance stage      43,0 km
Distance acum. 1447,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike B (great): nice and variation. Too bad for the fogg and the rain.

Two weeks after my previous trip I am now back for a two-day trip in the Bavarian Forrest. Due to a delay of the night train I can only start walking this morning at 10.40am. It rains steadily, but it’s not pouring. Right from the start the first hill of today will have to be climbed: the Oberbreitenau (1021 m), which means 500 meters altitude ascend. At the top (where due to the fogg there is less than 20 meters visability) I notice that the rain on my sweater changes to wet snow. I decide to put on my rainjacket and start the boring descend through the forrest. After passing the village of Kapfing, I come to walk through a lovely valley: again, it is a typical miniatur railroad landscape in real proportions, with the village of Lalling as eye-catcher. After I have crossed the valley I have to do the second climb of today: the Brotjacklriegl (1021 m). By the time I am just below the top (at 4.30pm) it gets too dark to continue without a headlight. Wearing my Petzl I continue my way. It is no problem to make it to the top and consequently the descend is also in the dark well to be done. Due to the enormous rain showers of the past days  a lot of paths that I have been using today are very wet and swampy. Especially in the dark it turns out to be inevitable to get a “wet foot”. At 7.00pm I arrive in the village of Zenting.

I camp at the biggest meadow in the village. I have hardly any problems with my feet, and this gives me courage for tomorrow. In the description of Gert Trego he has used his rubber lineal to measure the distance of my stage of today. If his calculation is correct, I am supposed to have walked today with an average of 5,0 kilometers per hour. I have my doubts, just like when Trego miscalculated in my disadvantage. I guess we are even now.

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