Stromberg – Obermoschel

Stage   no. 18
Date Sunday 24 January 1999
Distance stage   46,5 km
Distance acum. 701,5 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike D (not so good): again, not inspiring 

For the first time during my E8-project I will be hiking two consecutive days. I arrived yesterday evening in the youth hostel in the village of Bingen. I hope for the owners that they are more busy during the rest of the seasons than that they are this weekend. Early in the morning I drive to Bad Kreuznach and take the bus to Stromberg, my starting point.

Just like during the previous stage (which also crossed the Soonwald forrest) this stage is not nice or special; a lot of trees are blocking the view and there’s no distraction. The weather is not stimulating as well; it is a gloomy and chilly day, with temperatures around freezing point. As long as I keep on moving I don’t notice the cold so much. Due to the cold I have difficulty to keep warm and my pace is declining during the day. Finally, at the end of the afternoon, I arrive in the tiny village of Obermoschel, where I have planned to arrive.

After arriving in Obermoschel it appears (what I was afraid of already during my preparations) that there is no more bus back to Bad Kreuznach (again, the lean Sunday timetables . . .). I call a taxi and finally get back to my car. I have a dönner kebab sandwich (sort of shoarma, but with lots of extra’s) and I drive back to Bingen, to the youth hostel. The only other guest that was here last night has checked out. I can’t blame him.

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