Oberwesel – Stromberg

Stage   no. 17
Date Sunday 15 November 1998
Distance stage    31,5 km
Distance acum. 655,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike D (not so good): not inspiring 

I can be very enthousiastic about some stages, and can be left speechless about others. This stage is one of the latter ones.

At daybreak I leave Oberwesel. The Trail leaves the river Rhein and crosses woods and hills in the south/southsouthwest direction. After 14,4 kilometers the E8 crosses another European Hiking Path, the E3 (Ukrain – Spain). It is remarkable to think that if I, located in a forrest in the middle of Germany, take the right hand road in stead of going left, that I would end up in Pamplona, Spain in stead of in Vienna, Austria. Shortly after this “excitement” a few hills are to be taken on which the first freshly fallen snow is already present. There are very few other hikers out on this gloomy autumn day. Just before the village of Stromberg the Trail crosses the A61 highway.

Stromberg is my finish for today. I take the bus and train back to Oberwesel and drive home again.

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