Langenzersdorf – Vienna

Stage   no. 48
Date Sunday 4 September 2005
Distance stage      11,0 km
Distance acum. 1969,0 km
Quality of signs Very good
Quality of the hike D (not so good): along the river through urban area

 ” . . . and he has started his final stage to Vienna, ladies and gentlemen. He has left the railway station of Langenzersdorf behind him and there at the end of the road, underneath the village, the big blue river floats gently and devine who will guide him to his finish for today . . . “

” . . . he arrives on the bank of the Danube river and he  goes left, southbound, to Vienna! The speed that he keeps is very well I must say, in a nice cadens he rushes towards the city, leaving behind peace and quite, on his way to the city, to the metropole, to the busyness, to the finish, to his wife and children who are waiting for him there! . . . “

” . . . we are now almost 8 kilometers on the way and there in the distance looms up the bridge, the big Florisdorferbrücke, which the E4 uses to join the E8 from this point onwards, and to approach the city together. On the other side of the river the gentle green hills have made way for the houses and buildings of the conurbation of the imperial finish of this stage . . . “

” . . . we see it already in the far distance, and its approaching very quickly now, the Reichsbrücke where today’s E8-stage will come to an end. Here we will go to the right, up on the bridge, across the river, towards the city, towards the busyness, to the big Giant Wheel which can be spotted already at the horizon against the blue sky. And we make it to the bridge and he góes to the right, he crósses the river on his way to his finish of today. When he started 11 years ago, it started with a simple sentence “you leave Amsterdam Central Station and go to the left to the Prinshendrikquay”, he will get to the finish now, near the Giant Wheel in the Praterpark, in this beautifull parked city . . .”

“. . . and there it is, the Giant Wheel, the finish for today, the destination of his long quest. There are his wife and children who will be very happy that their daddy is now approaching and they run towards him and nów it is all over, Amsterdam-Vienna is over and finished! He once said that Vienna is not the goal of the E8 but only the finish of his hike but today Vienna really was his goal, it was his destination. This is where he wanted to go to, this is where he wanted to be on the road for for 1969 long kilometers, through storm and blaze, in sun and rain, in snow and heat, and nów it is all over!”

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