Retz – Langenzersdorf

Stage   no. 47
Date Friday/Saturday 23/24 April 2005
Distance stage      93,0 km
Distance acum. 1958,0 km
Quality of signs Very good
Quality of the hike B (great): along vinyards and fields, through forrests and over hills

Together with a great weather forecast I get on the train to Austria for a hiking trip, in order to get as far as to the outskirts of Vienna. I start in Retz with climbing the big local tower of the townhall (I did not have the breath when I was here the previous time). The view is very nice, in all directions. After enjoying that I leave for the horizon that I have been looking at in the southeast.

In a good pace I hike through the villages of Haugsdorf and Mailberg to Grossharras (32 km). The local people that I come along are in good spirits; it is weekend, the weather is great, the long winter has finally come to an end and the fields and gardens are blossoming very nicely. A lot of people grow tulips in their gardens and their colors are very lively. Arriving in Grossharras I decide to have a big meal and see how far I will be able to hike afterwards. The meal is good (Wiener Schnitzel) and it gives me energy, a lot of energy . . . . . . .  I continue my walk in a steady pace, crossing low hills and long valleys; along vinyards and through woods. The weather is still good, no clouds, my feet are all in one painless and my motivation remains good. After passing the village of Ernstbrunn (56 km) I realize that there is still no reason to stop and therefor I decide to continue to the finish of this trip, in Langenzersdorf. After hiking all these many hours the pace is going down a bit, but it continuous to be steady. In the final 15 km of this stage some very impressive hills need to be climbed, and these are not easy for me after such a long stage. Finally, I find myself on top of the Bisamberg hill, a huge recreational hill in the vincinity of Austria’s capital Vienna. For the first time in many kilometers I overview the river Danube again along the E8. After a steep descent of 2 km I arrive in the small village of Langenzersdorf.

I get myself a room in the only inn that is situated here and within 10 minutes I am completely  gone from this planet. Hiking is so great if it goes without complications!

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