Ameisberg – Zwettl an der Rodl

Stage   no. 39
Date Sunday 26 October 2003
Distance stage     42,5 km
Distance acum. 1585,5 km
Quality of signs Average
Quality of the hike B (great): nice, much variation

After a very comfortable night in the so called heavenly-bedroom of the inn at the Ameisberg hill, I have left at 07.15 again.

The weather is grey and chilly. The first kilometers take me downhill, and are very easy to do. After 14 km., beyond the village Tannberg-Doppl, the signs that indicate the direction of the Trail get very poor and I loose quit some time finding my way. The signage  improves a bit after 34 km. but it does not get to the level of satisfaction anymore. During the afternoon the weather lightens up a little bit, and under a light-blue sky I go up and down the hills of the Mühlviertel region, eastbound. The scenery is wide and open, with here and there some small woods. The trees are all magnificently changing their colours and the variety that I experience is very impressive. The ascension of the Hansberg hill (after 32 km.) is more boring than beautifull. After sunset I arrive at my finish location of today.

I expect that in every small village in Austria there has to be a gasthouse of some kind, and I am right about that today. After dinner, I feel my feet and legs are very stiff and painfull. The next day I take the bus back to the city of Linz, and consequently the train back home again. I have the feeling now, that I am really very far away from home.

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