Passau – Ameisberg

Stage   no. 38
Date Saturday 25 October 2003
Distance stage      41,5 km
Distance acum. 1543,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): grey and boring; on a sunny day probabely very worthwhile

The night train is exactly on schedule to drop me off for my two day trip. At 05.10am I walk out of the railwaystation of Passau, into the freezing cold air. I cross the river Donau/Danube on my way to the area of Ilzstadt, where I stopped my stage during my latest trip.

Starting there, I pick up the signs again, further eastbound. During the morning hours the weather is reasonably nice but it remains very chilly and cold. After 13 km, beyond the village Wingersdorf, I pass the memorial sign that states that the views from this spot has obtained “imperial approval”. It is so typically German to put up a sign like that, but I have to admit: the view from the small hill overlooking the surroundings is very nice. Afterwards the path leads through a deserted scenic area. The autumn colours make it look very beautifull. After passing the village Kropfmühl (23,5 km) my focus is fixed in the southeast direction: to the Austrian border. The weather has gone bad and it threatens to start to rain or snow. Sometimes the threatening stops. . . Along the way I chat a bit with the last German fellow that I meet with in Germany during the E8 and at 3.25pm, at 1.537,5 km from my starting point in Amsterdam, I pass the German-Austrian border. My E8 goes into its next phase. I walk another 5,5 km in Austria and decide, just before sunset, to spend the night on top of the Ameisberg hill (941 meter altitude).

Fortunately, the inn that is situated up there next to the watchtower is opened. I have a delicious meal, enjoy the warmth of the stove, take a hot shower and go early to bed.

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