Kleve – Xanten

Stage   no. 7
Date Tuesday 20 February 1996
Distance stage   36,0 km
Distance acum. 219,5 km
Quality of signs Not so good
Quality of the hike E (bad): boring, chilly, white, cold

I start this morning very early with parking my car in the city of Xanten, where I plan to finish later today. On my way to Xanten the news bulletin on the radio tells people to stay indoors today if they do not have a specific need to be outside. I take the bus to the city of Kleve, where my starting point is.

Today is a terrible wintersday; it’s snowing and storming, and it turns out that I am the only person who dares to be out on the streets (even in a city like Kleve!). Unfortunately, the trail leads through a lot of woods today, which makes it even more boring. Of course I meet nobody the whole day. I don’t even see anybody else! Passing the village of Bedburg-Hau (there is an ancient monestary next to the trail) and the village of Kalkar (no remarkable buildings to be seen) I continue my way to the ancient city of Xanten.

Once I have arrived here, I get in the car (the heating works very well!) and drive home again. Even now, at the end of the day there is noone to be seen on the streets.

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