Nijmegen – Kleve

Stage   no. 6
Date Wednesday 13 December 1995
Distance stage   29,5 km
Distance acum. 183,5 km
Quality of signs Not so good
Quality of the hike E (bad): no variation in landscape or scenery, no fun

It is a cold wintersday as I travel to Nijmegen to continue my E8-hike.

I leave the city of Nijmegen and cross the Long-Distance-Path (LDP) Pieterpad, at the foot of Duivelsberg, or Devilsmountain hill. The Pieterpad is the most popular hiking trail in the Netherlands, crossing the entire country from north to south. At the Devilsmountain there is an official LDP roadsign, with the encouraging note: “Vienna 1803 km”. Some minutes later I have passed the German border, walking along the busy road. Immediately after entering Germany I loose the signs in the field, and the guide does not offer me much support here. Using a detour I get to the village of Kranenburg. The signs in the next part of the stage are a little easier to follow. Just before I arrive in the city of Kleve, I have a nice view over the city from the Sternberg hill. Due to the decreasing outside temperatures I decide to finish today in Kleve, and not to continue to the village of  Kalkar, which I had in mind originally. There is no fun to be outdoors and walk on a day like this.

I take the bus back to Nijmegen and the train back home.

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