Trencin – Horna Poruba

Stage   no. 56
Date Sunday 28 September 2008
Distance stage      24,0 km
Distance acum. 2233,5 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): hills some nice views

I have travelled to Slovakia for a four-day hiking trip. I arrived late last night at Bratislava airport and I take this morning the first train to Trencin. I walk from the railway station back to where I left the Trail in the city centre.

At 6.30am I start my hike for today. The city centre is quiet, and after a few minutes I pass the railway station again, and a few minutes later I am already outside the city, past the football stadium. I have a long day ahead of me, as I will try to cover 47 kilometers to Cicmany. There are many hills that need to be climbed along the way, but fortunately on the map the don’t scare me too much. Traditionally I have not excercised in walking before going to Slovakia, so it is always a bit experiencing how mylegs feel and what pace I am able to keep. The weather is great, sunny, mild breeze, nice temperature. The pace that I can keep in the first 10 kilometers is reasonably well. I arrive in the former health resort village Trencianske Teplice. I buy a bottle of Coke to make sure I have sufficient liquids with me today. I had only packed a small bottle of water this morning. After crossing the local park and its funny sculptures, I continue my way in the hills again. The temperatures are getting to me, and I have more and more difficulties to keep a steady pace. In addition, I start to get thirsty already. I take a rest, which turns out to kill my pace for the rest of the day. In the next kilometers I have difficulty to continue for more than 15 or 20 minutes at the time, due to hunger and thirst.

in the Trenciansa Vrchovina hills

I believe that It will be difficult (read: dreaming) to expect that I can end up today in Cicmany. I pass the hill Holazne at 1.15pm. I was hoping beforehand that I would have been here a few hours earlier; about 20 kilometers in 6.5 hours is not impressive. I take another break while enjoying the view on the village Horna Poruba, that is in the valley below. Behind the village the top of the Vapec hill is dominating the view and it’s impressive. Of course, the Trail goes from the village straight up to the peak. It does not look comforting having to do that on this sunny afternoon.

Horna Poruba

After arriving in Horna Poruba I look for a place to drink first. There are two bars in the village, and one has a terrace in the sun. I get a couple of mineral waters and Coke’s and consider my options. In the meantime I start a converstaion with some local students that enjoy an easy indian summer Sunday doing nothing. I decide to call it a day and to contue tomorrow.

In stead of having to go by bus to the nearest city for a place to sleep my new found friends arrange for me a bed & breakfast place in Horna Poruba. In the meantime we arrange dinner by ordering some pizza’s from Ilava, some 10 kilometer down the valley. When we finished I pay for the dinner & the drinks and they show me my B&B. The room that I have is big, has a nice view on the area, and there’s a bathroom with a huge bath. It’s old, outdated but clean, and cheap. It was a great afternoon, the first time I really interacted with Slovakian people. Perhaps I should not try to walk from early in the mornings untill late in teh evenings, but take it a little bit easier. It’s enjoyable.

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