Rheurdt – Reuver

Stage   no. 9
Date Wednesday 15 May 1996
Distance stage   47,0 km
Distance acum. 301,0 km
Quality of signs Good
Quality of the hike C (good): variety in scenery, but also some boring sections

This will be an exciting day for me, as I will be walking home. For over one year now I am residing in the village Reuver, next to the border with Germany. On the border crossing the E8 touches the Netherlands again, as well as the Dutch Pieterpad. In the early morning I walk from home to the railway station of Reuver, take the train to Venlo, take the bus from Venlo to Moers and the next one to Rheurdt, where I left the E8 the previous time.

It is a very pleasant day in the springtime. Crossing some mild hillsides (mostly covered by woods, which ruins the views) I walk to the village of Kaldenkirchen. From here the path continous to go south using the famous Pieterpad-Trail. This part of the stage is a little disappointing: on the righthand side there is the valley of the river Maas, but there is no view to be seen due to the high trees. The long straight sandy road is not stimulating either. The finish of my stage is at the café The White Stoan, in my residence (at that time).

Despite the two blisters that I have under my feet I walk home, of course.

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